im quite the travel bug. so from time to time I going to dedicate space to some of my fav travel experiences.

one of my most loved drives is from mumbai to kashid. over the 3 years between 2002 and 2005 I did that trip 7 times! the first two times i did it by boat from the gate-way of india to the pier at Alibaug. it was then a 2 hour ride by road from Alibaug to kashid..

by ferry to alibaug

I really started falling in love with kashid when I started driving there. It took about 5 hours each way and the route was really scenic. If I remember right it was mumbai-panvel-goa highway for a bit – left to alibaug – just before alibaug take a left to ravas – then take a right after the bridge (where the ore factory is) and its all the way to kashid thru kihim beach!

I owe some of this fascination to ‘Village by the Sea’ by Anita Desai which I read during school. the book is set in Uran (a village close to alibaug) and every time I made a trip I could connect words from the book to things I saw. :).

Another strong association that I have with these trips was watching the setting sun while listening to sting and his ballads. listening to ‘fields of gold’ watching the setting sun, driving on the winding roads with the sea almost lapping at the road is an unforgettable experience. something that I really keen to experience once again.

then there was Kashid beach itself.

kashid beach

this is my fav picture from Kashid. this is how I want to remember the beach forever, thanks sonal for taking such an awesome photograph :). Of-course no trip to Kashid is complete without the almost Arabian fantasy like trip to the ‘Janjira Fort‘. Seeing is believing. driving across the last cliff the magical fort springs up almost unbelievably from the sea.

janjira fort

The last leg of this journey to the fort can be done only by ancient sail boat from the pier at Murud. Its like being transported to an Arabian nights tale. quite unreal.

from the fort

I hope I can make the drive down to Kashid once again.

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