its a crane, its a construction its a ferris wheel

ok i confess I don’t get the newspaper here in SG. Never have in the last 28 months. why? thats a topic for another post.

so no one told me that this (which i pass by everyday on the ECP and so far assumed to be a construction thingie):

sgflyer1 flyer2 flyer3 flyer4

was actually going to be this:


Marketing spiel: “The Singapore Flyer – a giant observation wheel, is set to be Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction. When completed in March 2008, it will provide breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.”

so what’s with this ferris wheel thing? I mean I can think of a hundred more exciting ideas to sexy a city. So london has one and then Malaysia has one and so now Singapore must have one. Ofcourse its the only one in the world from which you can see 3 countries (must give it to them for thinking of that). Just wonder what the view will be like during the ‘Indonesian forest fire season’.. maybe the tickets will be half price then, lol.

here is the walkabout from the original (londoneye)

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