code play

ok since I’m using some freeware and linkware Im going to suggest a few that you can use:

- Yahoo! Go – Awesome mobile software to sync with ur fav yahoo products. i love the email and flickr features. take a snap and then mo-blog it! cool

- Google Maps API – something that im still customizing with a simple utility

- Flickr Blogging – this is a cool function which allows you to blog and post from within Flickr into any blog software

- Majikwidget – small web widgets which can add functionality to your blog (not tested yet)

- Adsense – if ur trying to make some $$ from ur blog using P4P

- Snap – that the cool api which creates these instant previews around hyper-links :)

- Video embedding codes – from Y! and G Videos

- IP tracking and codes from

- Analytics from Google

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