north indian weddings (punjabi) vs. south indian weddings (tambram)

since i have now experienced 9 weddings in the last 4 years i think i can atleast write a post on the subject. here is what i have noticed as the differences..

1. South-Indian weddings mostly take place indoors.. the Northie weddings that i have attended were mostly out-doors.. i so much prefer a nice green setting..

2. the tam-bram weddings seem to be more about the rituals and the ceremonies while the ones up-north that i attended seemed to be more about the people and having fun.

3. the tambram weddings usually take place during the day and thats something that i prefer as compared to the red-eyed punju weddings..

4. its pretty strange that i have never attended a south-indian wedding during winters? the weather makes such a difference and i much prefer a cool weather wedding as compared to getting fried in the sun and heat.. jeez..

so we just attended nandini’s and champ’s wedding in Kanpur (extremely polluted) and had a ball..

snaps (click on the large snap below):

group snap

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