this ‘Krishna Mohan’ has a good life

I saw this report on CNN and immediately thought to myself that in a world where we usually place agriculture and modernization at logger heads, citing the disruptive nature of rapid ‘westernization’ on the lifestyles of our rural population, this seemed like a nice ‘win-win’.


Meet Krishna Mohan from Jallikakanada (in AP, India) who now works at GramIT.

Krishna Mohan had moved away to find work, but says when a GramIT center opened up back at home, he quickly returned. “I can live with my family. The cost of living — I can control that — (opposed) to the cities,” he says. Krishna continues to spend his afternoons in the rice fields with his father.

“My friends always says, ‘We are working only in agriculture field and you are working in both IT field and agriculture — I am really proud of you they are saying. With those words, I am very happy,” he says.

India is transforming slowly and uniquely and it remains to be seen how such initiatives succeed as a sustainable solution in the long run. In the meanwhile we can hope that more Krishna Mohans from India’s rapidly changing rural landscape are able to find a happy balance in their lives.

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