sangla – lahaul – spiti – paradise

1 rally class jeep,
2 friends,
3 valleys,
4 wheel drive,
5 am wakeup,
6 thousand plus meters,
7 th heaven,
8 fold path,
9 lives,
10 days,
11 hundred km

Certain events in your life prove defining…this is one of mine.

Sorry if I made that sound quite sentimental but this is one trip that I’m quite emotional about; for quite a few reasons. the baspa river, all night driving, a rally class jeep, the serenity of tabo, kaza, chandratal, driving over ice-fields, the landslides of malling, lake nako, sangla, exploring a glacier all on my own, apple orchards, the himalayas, flowers of chitkul, kibber village, kunzum lah, the zanskar ranges. i can go on. sometimes i cant sleep when i think about the 4 hour video diary that i made of this trip and then promptly lost. somethings are best left as memories (thats the only way i can get any sleep). Rishad wrote about it and conveniently left me out of the article :). I’m just thankful we experienced what we did.

The set

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