Blast from the past 2 – my MICA placement brochure snap


This was the MICA facebook photograph which was taken by the placement comm. don’t ask me about the glasses. This was taken sitting outside the main office building in MICA, just in front of the ‘holi dunk pond’.

I cant believe I’m going to be submitting another ‘facebook’ photograph next week, this time for my Berkeley MBA! 8 years later and its time for the best 2 years of my life once again :D.

And while I’m in the flash-back mode i think i will post one of my earliest internet projects. This was for Prof. Ram Kumar’s UCOM (unconventional communication opportunities in marketing) course which was definitely one of the best courses that i attended in MICA. Check this – the mirchi project (this was early 1999 if i remember right)

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