Every once a while i stop to think about how quickly a particular period of time has gone by. Take for example the last three weeks at home in Chennai. I left Singapore on the 7th of July and later tonight i take the flight to get to SF to start a new phase. I clearly remember moments in the first few days when i got here where i thought to myself “wow, another 3 weeks to go! (check an earlier post). Now i have 11 hours and soon that will be a moment in the past. Ok so I’m stating the obvious.

But as I sit here today I know I have 2 great years ahead of me at Berkeley and this seems like a long time. But I know that in just one instant I would be looking back at 2 wonderful (hopefully) years which would have come to an end and I would be embarking on the next journey. In the same way I know in an instant I will be at the twilight of my life looking back at it as a collection of memorable and meaningful moments. But thats all they are, moments, periods of time irrespective of how long or short they are, archived into the data cells of the mind as moments. So to me life is a collection of moments, some high points and some low points, hopefully more high than low. So be in the moment and time will stand still.

My first moments in SG

My last moments in SG

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