I shud actually be doing my Accounting(yawn) homework instead..

It’s been a while since I posted and here is why. Every time i sit down and try to write about my first few weeks here in Berkeley I get flummoxed by the sheer number of topics that I could write about. Then I end up not writing; the awesome weather and university, Bezurkeley things, ‘Berkeley time’, the number of Indian restaurants in this suburb, the beautiful homes in the neighborhood, meeting my amazingly talented classmates, getting buried in course work even before school begins, my 2 hour commutes during my house hunt, baby earthquakes, amazing friendly ppl, crazy house-hunting, or just being excited about going to Haas, organizing >Play, O-week, Happy hours, …the list is endless and I can go on about this. but since you don’t have the time to read this and since I don’t have the time to write a huge-ass post right now let me try attempting some of these.

So I landed in SF on the 2nd of August and the last 15 days have just flown by. Luckly for me the main headings of my checklist are almost done and of which ‘housing’ the most important and painful is neatly ticked off! It’s been exciting starting at Berkeley and the univ is beautiful. School wont start until the 27th of aug but its already teeming with students from all over the world. And meeting internationals is something I’m really looking forward to. Haas (the B-School) on the other hand is a focused and intimate school(240 students). Being part of a large diverse university and yet being part of a niche school and is a nice combination.

I’m attending the math and communications camp before the program starts and it’s something i desperately need cause it’s been 7 years since i went to school. Already things are going above my head. Attending camp is also a great way to settle in at school before the course starts and its a GREAT way to meet your classmates and get to know them. 170 of the 240 students are attending the camp and so I guess it must be quite essential. Either that or I have ended up with a bunch of highly competitive classmates, arrrrghhhhh. But then this is Berkeley and its ‘Berkeley time’ and Bezurkley’ so it can’t all be slaving over books. Some of my friends take this rather seriously and there has been a ‘happy hour’ almost every night’! Man, hats off to these guys.

Finding a place is the most crucial aspect of settling in and crawling ‘Craig’s list’ is an integral subset of the task. Berkeley as you can imagine is highly competitive when it comes to finding housing especially in the Fall season when some 30,000 students start at the Univ. That only makes the rents absurd. After almost a whole week of searching and hunting and applying we finally nailed a small but nice apartment on Shattuck. We have to pay a bomb but the location and quality is worth it. At least that’s what I think as of now. Its also really close to the BART so I can always escape to my mom’s cousin’s place at Mountain view if I ever need to get away for an evening/weekend. These guys have really been my saviors, helping me with advise, driving me around and boy I’m really glad to have them around.

So I’m on the train running a bit late (missed my 6:57 am Caltrain) and will get to my first Finance and accounting camp session a bit late. The rest of the day just like the week is now packed with these morning sessions + afternoon communications sessions and nicely interspersed with orientation + welcome sessions + happy hours. I hope I can get time this week to build my IKEA furniture and also hit the Gym. After this it’s going to be a fun week of orientation and then the madness begins.

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