When was the last time I did something for the first time?

Ok i stole that tag from the ‘Emirates’ but I have that moment almost everyday. For most part its been good and I can see the next 6 months just fly by. Orientation week is now over but i already have been taught a lot of practical management lessons, most important of all time management and prioritization.

There are a hundred options when you are at Haas and choosing between them can practically drive you nuts. Being a newbie and an international I’m quite eager to try everything and i keep thinking ‘I can do it all’ and then just end up exhausted. The lesson is simple. Its just impossible to do every activity/problem set/presentation/club/orientation so one just has to prioritize. Also I just wish I had 48 hours a day but since thats not an option one just has to deal with it. I now work upwards from my basic goals (remember those admissions essays ;) )and take on what will add value and totally ignore those which will not make a big difference. Thats really the reason one needs to know CLEARLY why one made the MBA choice. I made it to be in the Valley close to tech/entrepreneurship and consulting and thats going to remain my focus. Hopefully.

Anyways it hasnt been all stressful and Berkeley is quite lively and fun + SF is quite a fabulous city. So here are some fun moments from the last few days..

Cohort Olympics. Oskis were definitely cool. Take a look at how we demolish the competition (and those cupcakes) in the Cup-Cake eating contest:

How we relate important math and finance concepts to daily life ( read party planning):

It can get a bit noisy in class. Rounding off the O-week with the Cal band. Now this is what Im taking about :D

The acting talent and cross dressing skills of the OSKIs:

Watching Barry Bonds hit his 757 homer:

actually we faked that..

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