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I usually know what I want to write about when I start a blog post but at this point i have no clue what the next few sentences are going to be about. I guess thats got to do with my general frame of mind at this point which seems to have the underlying theme of ‘lost’ associated with it.

On paper things seem quite ‘in-place’ in my life, just as i planned it and worked hard at to attain. I just finished my first semester at the Berkeley MBA and made a decent transition (or did I) to being a student again. I seamlessly travel(ed) between continents meeting my dearest of friends and family, having quite a good time. Here I’m now sitting with everything in place and yet feeling a bit out of place. hmmm, maybe its cause I’m actually in a state of organized chaos? Maybe my disruptive trend of uprooting myself every 3-4 years is sort of taking its toll now? Maybe this move to being a student again after 8 years of working is a bit too out of my ‘comfort zone’? Maybe..

The question is that I usually thrive in these environments but for once I’m looking for stability and familiarity and this is definitely a new experience for me. I can take comfort in one thing though, in my pursuit of new experiences and feelings I can tick off something new, ‘feeling lost’.

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