Reflecting on Fall 2007

Now that I’m done with Fall (subject to passing my subjects) I was wondering what I took away from the experience.

the good stuff:

– made a relatively easy transition to winding up my previous lifestyle and starting a new one
– feel lucky to be part of an amazing university and beautiful campus
– learning business areas which I have relatively low or no exposure to such as Finance and OB.
– got to meet some interesting people from across the world who are part of my class.
– worked really hard on the >play digital media conference and met some amazing people.
– realized my areas for improvement as a person, leader and student.
– was quite humbled by the high standards of the course and my classmates.

the areas for improvement:

– I would like to push myself harder in Spring. I hope to have more time to focus on what I specifically want out of the program.
– I played a bit safe in Fall given that it was my first semester. Now I’m going to take more risks and be more active.
– I want to start living a more complete life as part of living in the University and the Bay area.

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