thoughts from the dental chair

i started the year with 2 painfully long sessions with my dentist. each lasting an average of 3 hours. 5 sessions rolled into 2 just cause he was leaving town on a holiday soon after. once i got used to the mind numbing pain i realized that this was a good opportunity to do some undisturbed thinking interspersed with the occasional gag reflex and ouch moment. here are some of the random thoughts that ran through my head

– my high school principal chinna akka would keep challenging us to try and keep the mind empty of thoughts. so i tried this from time to time. Trust me its one of the toughest of things to do especially with the LARGE head of your dentist and his assistant looming over your own.

– cover letter theme and strategy. ok so i will be dropping resumes and starting interviews in the next few weeks for my summer job. so i was actually working out themes and flows of cover letters for my target companies. i must say i did land some useful lines.

– i would occasionally catch a glimpse of my wide open mouth in the reflection of my doctor’s glasses. “gosh what an ugly scene”.

– frequent thoughts about how uncomfortable the pain was.

– no deep thinking session of mine can pass without the thought of a girlfriend. as usual I had to reflect on what went wrong and what i need to do right the next time. some thoughts one can never escape.

– does this dentist need to pay tax? oh doctors dont pay tax? damn why didn’t I choose this field. maybe cause it involves diving into someone else’s stinky mouth? makes sense.

- i have been on a fiction reading binge recently and just read the 2 Khaled Hosseini’s novels back to back. so i had a lot of scenes from the books running through my head. mostly beautiful rugged Afghan countryside.

the mind is a funny thing.

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