Taare Zameen Par – making a connection

Taare Zameen Par (tag: every child is special) was a very good movie all round. It’s a story about a child with dyslexia in a schooling system which fails to recognize that every child is special. It was heartening to see that such quality movies are starting to become part of the mainstream of Indian cinema. The acting is stellar and the best actors in the movie are the children. There is good research that has gone into the script to make the movie real.

The reviews said that everyone would be able to connect with some part of the movie and it was certainly true for me. I went to a school which was founded on the principles of non-competition and self paced learning. School was enriching and enjoyable with weaving, pottery and carpentry as part of regular classes, playing sports everyday, no uniforms or exams, all meals in school, a beautiful campus and a class size of 25 or less. What was more important was that we were given the confidence and freedom to be non-competitive and to find our own answers in a world which is highly competitive and with ready-made solutions. It was the best education that I could have got and I’m thankful to my parents who made it possible.

What made watching Taare Zameen Par even more special was that I got to watch the movie with 2 of my teachers (Jaishree akka and Kanti akka) from school. And this was by complete chance; a friend booked tickets and happened to invite a bunch of people including my teachers from high school!) I never thought that the one movie that I would get to watch with my teachers after so many years would be one which would strike so close to home :).

Taare Zameen Par
The School, KFI

class photograph: class 3 (1985?)


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