Olafur Eliasson; Take your time – an exhibition

when I first came across a poster about an SFMOMA exhibition i gave it the usual 10 sec glance and was ready to walk off. but i had to come back and read more about Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Take your time’. I knew right away that this one was going to be special. These were works as described by the artist as ‘devices for the experience of reality’ provoking a heightened level of enjoyment and engagement which is profoundly felt. Since I’m quite the experience junkie and since I’m a real sensory type person I had to go for this despite my crazy schedule. and I must say it was worth it..

room for one color

pieces like his ‘room for one colour’ and ‘sunset kaleidoscope’ are as much science experiments as they are art exhibits. the experience at first intrigues you and over the next few minutes you start to make your own sense of the experience. its all about making sense using ur senses, sounds trivial but at times one forgets the connection.

one way colour tunnel

multiple OEliasson_YellowvsPurple.jpg


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