the walk..

as i walk to school from home
i have thoughts of classes, tests and career.
i’m running through a list of things i have pending
bidding for classes, upcoming interviews and midterms

as i walk back from school
i have thoughts of dishes, bills and chores
things that need fixing, shopping to do
people to visit and errands to run

these are my thoughts as i walk over green grass
in between beautiful trees, a calming bay and running brooks
its sunny and people are playing Frisbee, walking their dogs
scenes of joy, relaxation and love

i see a beautiful bench which i pass everyday,
i promise myself one day i will stop, sit here and read
one day i will play, lie on the grass and snooze
its going to be tomorrow or next week, maybe once i get that summer job

and then one day on this walk i realize that a whole sem. is gone
soon the course will be over and i will be gone
wishing always that i had stopped once a while, resting and reading.
so let me make today that day, from now on to pause when i can, every now and then.

i remember to enjoy the walk..

glorious weather 007

glorious weather 005

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