Peru: part 1

this is going to be a brief post cause i cant seem to make sense of this keyboard and i have a long line waiting to use this machine in Cusco.

its been 4 beautiful days in Peru. the trip started with my flight getting cancelled and i then had to scramble to find another way thru NY to get to Lima. that worked out and I was able to catchup with my friends for a relaxed and adventurous day in Lima after which we flew out Puerto Maldonado to get to our jungle lodge in the Peruvian Amazon. it was just exhilarating to be in primary amazonian jungle on the banks of the Madre de Dios River which eventually joins the Amazon. after 2 days of walking the trails and swimming in the fast flowing tributaries we got into Cusco last afternoon.

we walked around parts of Cusco which have beautiful churches and squares and later today we are going to head down to the sacred valley. just enough time to say that PEru has been just amazing so far and i cant wait to see MAchu Pichu and the sacred valley. my time is up for now. more soon..

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