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It’s always fun and always unpredictable. And I always come out thinking that I never learn much (lol). I have played 4 games so far in a b-school environment and the first 2 date back to 1998 and 1999. Markstrat and stratmark. I played these in my years at MICA and damn were they fun :D. As the names suggest these were predominantly marketing led strategy games. I remember running about campus and the excitement after every round. We had to physically backup our decisions and take a ‘floppy’ (yes the good times) to the control room. here are some pics from then..

strat mark MICA
Mark- Strat (1998): me, Appu (left). KDG, Chatur and DJ (right, top to bottom)
Mark – strat: Anjanda, khandu, punk, and Vike
(abishek, Ravee, Menaka, Charu – I think we kicked their asses!)

Well almost 10 years later I’m back to playing games. For operations we played Littlefeld which was a supply chain simulation. The latest game was the competitive strategy game and we did quite well as team 308. not to mention that we forgot to input decisions for a whole round (R9) but we still did damn well. Proud of you team mates :D. This time around we didn’t have the excitement of running around with physical discs and I played a round or 2 (littlefeld) from my iPhone, so a few things changed. But some things don’t, like the excitement of looking at results just after a round is processed, as excited/nerve racking as 10 years ago.

lan small
CSG (2008): “show me the money” – Lan
team 308 small
Alex me and Lan, Team 308, almost cash positive from the CSG!

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