Farewell Bill Gates

Today (06/27/08) is the last day at work for Bill Gates at Microsoft as a full time employee. His contribution to software leading to the growth of the personal computing industry is unsurpassed as is his contribution to philanthropy which will become his full time focus. So here is to one of the greatest visionaries that the computing world has seen.

That said he leaves the company at a time when it desperately needs to find its footing for future strategy. Msft has battles going on many fronts, many of which its in danger of losing.

Desktop OS: Vista has taken a beating and the resurgence of the Mac is a growing threat.
Productivity: There is disruption underway with online productivity taking the momentum from client based applications like MS Office.
Mobile space: Apple is stealing the show with the iPhone, Nokia buys Symbian
Internet portals: Google is leaving MSft far behind + The Yahoo! acquisition falls thru.

It remains to be seen how his successors help Msft regain its momentum.

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