Sailing (and capsizing)

I got my ‘light air certification’ and so can now officially sail small boats. It wasn’t easy getting the ‘little red book’. I spent a lot of time soaking wet from numerous ‘capsizes’ and even got a few bruises to show from some of the exercises, especially the man-overboard drill. I guess everyone does.

That said learning to sail is a great experience and it is pure joy to nicely clip along on a ‘close haul’ (at about 22 deg to the wind). I never realized how technical the sport is but once you get a hang of the physics behind the movement, it starts becoming more intuitive. I highly recommend it to everyone!

I got my first taste of sailing in 2005 in San Diego and what a start it was. I got to sail as part of the crew on the Abracadabra an Americas Cup class 80 foot beauty (once owned by Larry Ellison). For now I have to stick to 14 foot Catalinas.

Here is a clip from onboard Abracadabra. You can catch a glimpse of the more decorated ‘Stars & Stripes’ against whom we were mock racing. (sorry this video is flipped on its side):
more here

Sailing can be thrilling and you can get a glimpse of it in the following video(turn your speakers on).

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