Praying for my cloud, and I’m not even a farmer..

There isn’t much doubt that the cloud is bringing about possible disruption in a whole range of services and products.

- Email, calendar, communication
- DVDs and hard drives
- Productivity software
- Shrink wrap software
- Super computing
- Access to media
- Health care..
- eCommerce services

The list is long.

But what happens when the online service goes down, even briefly? It could cause tremendous damage to its users, customers and businesses who rely on the service. A few days ago Amazon had an outage which sent some of its business customers scurrying in panic. I’m experiencing this first hand with my Gmail account, out of action for the last hour or so. I need some critical information stored on the Gmail ‘cloud’ and I find that the service is down :(. Maybe a prayer will help.


And I just realized that I’m not alone.
Google’s apology

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