The Big Game: Cal 37 – Stanford 16

I always knew the Big Game was a big deal but I just had to see how BIG this deal was. It was HUGE and we won BIG, crushed Stanford and reclaimed the coveted Axe.

Even though this was probably only the 3rd ‘American Football’ game that I have attended so far, it turned out to be quite entertaining and fun. The key is to watch the game from the student section cause then you are surrounded by die-hard supporters and the excitement is contagious. I just wonder how things would have been had we lost. So am I a fan of the sport, not yet but was the experience entertaining, absolutely.

Here are pics and Vids from the game. Go Bears!

Show your support: Go Bears!

Cal Band

Who wants the Axe?

Crowd surfing


The Axe is ours: Field Invasion

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