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MyMBA Prototype 2

So here is our Prototype 2. Thanks to all the feedback to the first one, we were able to refine and focus our solution. MyMBA Prototype 2 from MyMBA on Vimeo.

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MyMBA – The Haas MBA information management system (redesigned)

As part of my ‘Design as Competitive Strategy’ course, our team is designing an improved information management system which will help an MBA student extract better value from their 2 years in the program. In this 12 week course we … Continue reading

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My first Skydive

Date – April 11, 2009 Terminal velocity – 200 kmph Altitude – 13,000 feet Location – Davis, CA Type – Tandem Video – Imported and edited using iLife Soundtrack Courtesy: Will Smith Jumping off a plane at 13,000 feet from … Continue reading

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Looking back at my time here in B-School

It’s hard to believe that I have less than 5 weeks left at Haas cause it feels like I just started this MBA program. When I look back at it I realize why it feels like these 2 years have … Continue reading

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