till we meet again..

I hate saying bye and so its definitely a ’till we meet again’ to Delhi… my decision to stay back another 4 days and work out of the delhi office paid off as i was able to experience some unique sights and sounds around delhi. it also gave me a chance to spend time with my friends in a relaxed state of mind..

a highlight was dinner at ‘karim’ at chandini chowk. definitely not for the faint hearted :D. but if you can deal with the dirt and the amount of oil in the food its something you shouldn’t miss. although voted as india’s best north indian restaurant repeatedly its quite a task getting there…

Karim & Chandni Chowk

a 360*:

I know i will surely see my friends from delhi soon, but im not sure when i will visit the city again. So ’till we meet again ‘..

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