I quit my job! – woooooohoooooooooo

The reality is that it feels quite weird. But thats not surprising given that i have had a job for the last seven years and of this seven I worked in one company Yahoo!, for six years. So after emotional farewells and numerous gifts I finally said goodbye to my team and company on the 29th of June. Shutting down the computer the last time was a bit emotional :). I’m also moving out of my home and Singapore where I have now lived for two and a half years. I have to say that the quality of life is great. Low tax rates, proximity to India, great friends, good public transport, no corruption and everything works. I’m going to miss the city and my friends here.

I now have one month to get set before I start school at Berkeley in August. This is something that I have been looking forward to for years now and its finally here. Time to start the new phase.

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