back home..

glad to be done with all the packing, moving, shifting, throwing, junking, planning, storing, gifting, selling, stacking..oh and folding. its great to be back home in chennai but feels sad to say goodbye to my friends, workmates and singapore. but this probably will be my longest break from work in a long time. 3 weeks = 21 days = 504 hours…suwweeeeeeeeeeeeett :D.

You know for sure that you are in chennai when 2 things take place:

1. as soon as your jet lands at the ‘anna international’ at chennai and barely reaches the gate you would suddenly see a remarkable site. Its called the ‘PTC Syndrome’ and perfectly orderly and peaceful citizens would suddenly bound from their seats and push and shove their way down their aisle (quite like a mock evacuation scenario without the ‘emergency chutes)’. After years of research puzzled scientists were able to put this behavior down to the trauma which Pallavan Transport Corporation (PTC) bus passengers undergo while trying to get to the door on the city buses and this becomes a natural part of our DNA;thus the PTC syndrome.

ptc syndrome
PTC Syndrome

2. jumping the Q. another variation of the same phenomena will occur at the immigration. the line you are queuing in will suddenly appear twice as long as when you first started out. This can be attributed to a healthy number of co-citizens who would just casually ‘cut in’. So this time when I asked a few (18 family members joined in just in front of me tagging along with one family member who happened to have actually belonged where he did) about why they were cutting in, the reply I got was ‘We are Indians’. As you can understand I let the 18 of them join in just so that I could figure out what that profound answer actually meant. I’m still trying…

we are indians
We are Indians

Anyways now I need to get some sleep..

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    How could you miss out the Scene I threw???!!!!

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