Looking back at my time here in B-School

It’s hard to believe that I have less than 5 weeks left at Haas cause it feels like I just started this MBA program. When I look back at it I realize why it feels like these 2 years have gone by really quickly. There is just so much going on in B-School and living in the bay area just adds so many more activities that take-up your time. So here is a quick flashback at the last 2 years and some of the things that have kept me busy since I got here..

Fall 2007:

- Landed here in San Francisco on 2nd August 07 and spent the next 3-4 weeks finding a place and attending MBA prep courses
- When school opened it felt like I had been hit by a truck. we have half semesters and so I found myself taking tests every 7 weeks and finals every 13 weeks! crazy. plus club activity, conferences, social activity, settling in. I think Fall 07 was some of the busiest months I have ever seen
- Sometime in Fall B (mid oct onwards) we started having company presentations for internship recruiting etc.
- >play 07 (Berkeley Digital Media Conference) happened and I was very involved in putting it together. Go DMEC!

Winter 07: I left for Singapore and India for the winter-break holiday and returned 5 weeks later to start Spring 08.

Spring 08:

- I had to hit the road running running with internship recruiting. This was an exciting experience. I think the stats were something like this.. I think I did a total of 27 interviews in that 5 week period across all rounds. Dropped resumes for 10 companies, was invited to interview with 8 firms, made it to the final round with 7 and received 5 offers. Yeah that felt good! I took up a Product management position with Apple
- summer recruiting doesn’t mean classes don’t happen. so it was definitely a busy time.
- once I had the summer job in the bag, I took off for a wonderful spring break holiday in Peru for about 11 days.
- Got back, finished up Spring B and took 2 weeks off to holiday with friends across the US, including a week in New York (my first time there)

Summer 08:

- I started my full time summer internship on June 2nd 2008(I think). 12 weeks of working at one of my favorite tech companies, interacting with top execs at Apple and working on the same floor as Jobs. (IL1 – 4th floor). The executive speaker series was memorable not to mention a Q&A with Jobs. I was in tech heaven.

Fall 09:
- My team at Apple liked the work I did there but the recession had started and so they couldn’t make me an offer right away. I was asked to continue working part time with the team and I obviously accepted. So one day a week I was back in my office in IL1 and for the rest of the week I was a full time student in B-School.
- I moved back to Berkeley to start Fall 09 and moved in with 3 other classmates into a house on tunnel road. This was a different experience from the first year where I lived in an apartment on Shattuck. Both have been good experiences but living in this huge house with a large backyard, common areas and a piano has been fun. Not to mention huge blowout parties
- In addition to school and work, I also was selected to be a Career coach for product management. I would spend many hours helping first years trying to get PM jobs in the tech industry. This has been a hard year all around.
- In addition to all of this I had to start interviewing for full time positions just as a back-up in case Apple wasn’t able to make me an offer.
- I spent the first half of Fall 08 interviewing and ended up with one offer. But just a few weeks into the recruiting season Apple was able to make me the full time offer. No prizes for guessing which one I accepted? I was going to be a pm at Apple.
- It was time once again for >play 08 (Berkeley Digital Media Conference) and this time I worked on the Expo and the Telecom panel. We had a great turnout and the Expo was a clear success.

Winter 08: Time again for winter break wonderland and I was back in India for another 5 week holiday. pure bliss.

Spring 09:

- I got back to Berkeley in Jan this year and had to jump into action for the Asia Business Conference 09. As a co-VP for Conference Marketing I had to work on ensuring a full house of quality attendees. Thanks to a great team that we had, ABC 09 was a success with close to 400 attendees (unprecedented) and a solid day of panels and keynotes.
- This sem I had to work 2 days a week at Apple and so half my week was spent in Cupertino. Combine that with regular full time bschool life and it can get really busy.
- Given this schedule I chose to take a smaller spring break this sem and spent a few days in Tahoe. Was nice skiing in Squaw not to mention thrilling taking my Boxster on a road-trip.
- In the next 5 weeks my family gets here for graduation (grand mom included :)) and we are going to travel a bit here in CA.
- I then start full time at Apple on the 1st of June. The start of a new phase

There you go, 2 years of my B-School life in a few sentences. At this rate my whole life will be a few pages.

Back in the present, I’m looking at what’s left of b-school life (5 weeks). Probably the last time I’m every going to be in a full time program in this life. It feels sad that an enriching experience is now coming to an end.

Every now and then I find myself in a similar position, looking back at one phase and looking ahead into the next (I wrote very similar words just before I started B-School. Read this). I guess in a few weeks I will start another phase, as always, looking forward to it!

~ Arvind

I have a collection of photos of many of these moments. Take a look here

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