MyMBA – The Haas MBA information management system (redesigned)

As part of my ‘Design as Competitive Strategy’ course, our team is designing an improved information management system which will help an MBA student extract better value from their 2 years in the program.

In this 12 week course we have taken an indepth look at working on a product design process which will help us arrive at the best possible solution to the problem. I must say that this has been one of my best team projects at Haas.

Here is an over-view of our first prototype. We worked on the production of this video today by turning a room at my house into a production studio. Using iLife, iWork on our Macs made this production a joy. Can’t live without it. The beers and pop-corn and the 90 deg weather made it even more fun.

I enjoy designing things and I’m at my happiest working on technology products. Here is a flashback to another fun project that I worked on 10 years ago in my previous masters degree. A very different problem, selling chilly powder in the Ahmedabad market! Project Mirchi.

Back to the present, take a look at the prototype below and feel free to send us feedback. Keep a lookout for our next prototype.

my_mba_prototype1 from arvind krishnamoorthy on Vimeo.


- Produce mockups on Balsamiq
- Export to Keynote
- Use the record presentation feature on Keynote to add voice
- Export to Quicktime
- Use iMovie to pull in the different quicktime segments and make a movie
- Add soundtrack, edit using iMovie
- Export to Quicktime movie
- Upload on Vimeo (or any video sharing website)
- Embed on blog

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